UNCommon - Dreams With Deadlines

Insurance expert Perminder Chohan pens chapter in new book that reveals winning formula for uncommon success.

PERMINDER Chohan, an insurance expert, on Wednesday officially launched the book UNcommon – co-authored by renowned bestselling author Brian Tracy and featuring a chapter written by himself entitled, Dreams with Deadlines.


The launch event held in Surrey was a celebratory occasion. Written to engage, educate and inspire, UNcommon combines common sense with uncommon knowledge to produce winners.

Chohan’s chapter helps people learn how to fulfill their dreams with deadlines. The author denotes success requires the attributes of hard work, sound planning, action, perseverance, and humour—while combining common sense and uncommon knowledge as a part of the process.

“I’m thrilled to be published with my fellow expert authors. The book is designed to educate anyone interested in combining common sense with uncommon knowledge to avoid the many pitfalls and challenges that can often provide obstacles in growing a career, business and life,” Chohan said.

“It’s my hope, that through my more than 17 years of experience in the financial and insurance industry, that I can pass on some of my tips and best practices to help anyone looking to conquer their Dreams with Deadlines.”

During his career, Chohan has influenced and mentored hundreds of people through his training efforts. His leadership and guidance has led insurance and financial leaders to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. Chohan was recently a featured guest on The Brian Tracy Show which aired on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates.

The book, UNcommon, is loaded with practical, proven success principles that can be used immediately to move ahead faster and achieve a life of greatness in health, wealth, and success. An essential read for anyone who aspires for some form mentoring to climb the corporate ladder, launch a new businesses, or take their business and health or personal life to the next level.

UNcommon is available for sale at Amazon.com

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About the Book


Combining Common Sense with Uncommon Knowledge has the potential to produce winners. While Common Sense has been noted to be in short supply and Uncommon Knowledge hard to come by, the Celebrity Experts® in this book have combined the two to produce high rates of success in their fields.

If you are looking to accomplish personal, worthy goals, a helping hand will get you there faster. In addition, a mentor will invariably get you there at less cost than if you try to make your own way, helping you to avoid errors that may be time-consuming or costly, or both. Succeeding requires the attributes of hard work, sound planning, action and perseverance—while combining common sense and uncommon knowledge as a part of the process.